Wyoming County Paranormal

My Personal Journey In Investigations & Spiritual Practices

A Little About Myself 


I am an independent investigator of claims of paranormal  activity. I have many interests such as paranormal investigating and researching the unknown mysteries of life .I enjoy working with different teams and groups for the simple reason of meeting and learning from eachother. I have a true connection with the forest and woodlands, anything green or anything alive containing energy . I have had over 10 years experience in exploring Wyoming County and other haunted locations through out New York in my quest to prove or disprove paranormal activity .

I am a certified Reiki/Master and Instructor ,a certified Crystal Healer, I enjoy , Magical Spells ,Herb Healing ,Photography,Tarot Cards, Divinity,Web graphics and Web design ,The Full Moon and the lunar phases, Paranormal Investigating , Communication with the spirit world .Being sensitive to  different vibrational frequencies of energy has gave me strength in the field of paranormal investigating . 

As Seen on Ghost Adventures Travel Channel And Spooked T.V

 Ghost Adventures Travel Channel

 Spooked Productions Here











Newest Photo
This photo was taken at The Historical Palmyra Museum 
on Aug 7th 2011
The Original 
The Mirror Zoomed/Hue/Saturation

Wyoming County Paranormal Research Society

Is A Sister Team to Roc City Paranormal 

Monthly Meeting at Warsaw Library , open to public 

Free Blinkies 

  I Also Specialize In Custom Web Graphics And Web Design





I Am 100% confidential in my findings and will not 

publish without your permission

Please Contact me  marlenatreat@yahoo.com

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